Well-rounded Contentedness

I told a friend today that I am 95 percent content with everything my life is at this current moment. I was drinking a fruit-full smoothie and sitting in my beloved house and listening to one of the 8000+ songs in my iTunes and making a plan to write.

95 percent contentedness is hard to come by. My magic is very different than other people’s, but here it is just the same:

1. I’ve surrounded myself with good people, and have learned to find the goodness in people that may not be well-roundedly good. Focusing on positive rather than negative is key.

2. I work diligently at many jobs that I adore. Seriously. My professional life is full and well-rounded in a way that makes people question how I do everything I do. A friend took it upon herself to name all of the things I do and positions I hold last night. Here they are:

-volunteer technology coordinator for a local non-profit
-managing content editor for a Michigan-based news and feature website
-marketing director for a local up-and-coming yoga studio and school
-nanny for two beautiful boys
-member of various community planning committees and boards
-volunteer for many community events
(I’m probably missing something, aren’t I?)

3. I allow myself free time. I honestly don’t know how I do everything that I do and still have time to breathe, but I think it must be because I work diligently when I can and need to and DON’T force work when there isn’t any to be done. I have plenty of time to practice yoga daily, knit, read, catch up on television, cook and eat with the people I love, spend time outdoors, and attend events. I always have enough time to do everything I WANT to do, after finishing the things I NEED to do. It’s amazing, really, that life fits so perfectly into this Google calendar of mine.

4. I look ahead. I don’t dwell in the past or feel guilty for things beyond my control. I give myself things to look forward to so that I can shrug things off. I make plans and stick to them. Even when those plans are just giving myself an hour to write or knit, it’s enough to give me something to be excited about.

5. I’m learning. I love learning, and will always continue to do so. I like to learn about people, about food, about meditation and spirituality, and about art. I give myself avenues through which I can learn more about certain subjects, and that in turn teaches me more about myself. I really enjoy myself.

6. I feed my body. I eat what I want to eat. Months ago, what I wanted to eat was junk, and I went through a phase where I felt sick and awful all the time and, in turn, I prevented myself from doing what I wanted to do. I’ve learned, slowly but surely, that eating well means eating food that tastes good and that will fuel your body better than junk. I still eat cookies without feeling guilty, but that’s because I’m starting to eat balanced and well-rounded meals too. It all comes together.

I think the theme, here, is well-roundedness. I pride myself on my well-rounded nature. I don’t eat too much, I don’t drink too much, I don’t work too much, I don’t exercise too much… everything is kept in moderation. Literally everything. And there are times when I dwell on something or feel bad for myself or spend a day in bed watching internet television, but I never feel guilty. I’m learning to give my body, my soul, myself what it needs when it needs it. Listening to myself is the greatest lesson I could ever learn.